We Believe that Everyone Deserves Security in Their Daily Lives

At KIBO, our mission is to create secure environments for life and assets. We protect businesses and festivals, soldiers in the military, and children in daycare. As one of the largest security companies in the market, we have the capacity to handle both small and large tasks.

+155 Employees Nationwide

More than 50 Years in the Industry

24/7 Manned Alarm Hotline

360-Degree Security Partner and Total Supplier

We design, install, and service everything within mechanical security and technical security, whether it's temporary solutions, simple stand-alone solutions, or complex integrated security systems with multiple security types that support and interact with each other.

Our service and emergency department covers the entire country and is available 24/7, all year round, in case of any accidents. They respond quickly, so you can get back on track quickly.

That's why we proudly call ourselves your 360-degree security partner.


We Cover All Security Needs

Mechanical Security

We have a wide range of fences, gates, fence gates, barriers, railings, bollards, and turnstiles for effective perimeter security.

Technical Security

We provide solutions for all your needs in CCTV surveillance, access control (AC), and intrusion alarms (IA), as well as electronic perimeter security.

Service & Emergency Response

We offer service agreements for all our products. Our service hotline is staffed around the clock, and our technicians can respond quickly.

Mobile Security

We rent mobile security solutions for construction sites, businesses, ports, events, and any other locations where temporary security is needed.

Security Solutions for Businesses, Events, Institutions, and More

Our customers come from a wide range of industries and are located all over the country. Their security needs and desires vary greatly. However, what they all have in common is that our products and services help them create a secure everyday life.

We make it possible to gather thousands of people at events without compromising on safety. We ensure safe environments for children in daycare centers and soldiers in the defense. We protect the country's utility companies, so you can always have clean water, heating, and electricity. We prevent burglaries and other critical breakdowns in Danish businesses. We secure ports against terrorism and increase employee efficiency and operational economics. And we look after the Royal Family.

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We Take Your Security Seriously - So You can Take it for Granted

We won't be upset if you don't think about us. In fact, quite the opposite. Because a security solution is truly good when it doesn't cause inconvenience, steal attention, or create an atmosphere of insecurity.

You should be able to take it for granted that your business is protected against burglaries. You should be able to rely on the fact that the daycare center is secure against unwanted guests (and jailbreak kings). And you should be able to move around the city and go to festivals with friends without worry. We ensure that.

Safely Entrust Security to Us

We have been in the industry for more than 50 years, and we will continue to be for many more years to come. Our certified specialists in mechanical security, technical security, and mobile security can handle both simple and complex solutions.

Based on a needs and risk analysis, our experienced project managers ensure that we cover all aspects of your security. This is your assurance that you get precisely the solution that matches your risk profile – not just today but also in the future.

We handle the entire installation from start to finish, and we can also take care of the subsequent service and ongoing maintenance. In other words, you get a professional security partner who takes your security seriously, so you can feel safe – every day.

Our Mission & Values

Your Values in SAFE ENVIRONMENTS - Our Mission
KIBO is here to secure you and your values.
Our mission is to create safe environments for lives and values.
Not only today but also tomorrow when the world has changed once again.

We cherish TRUST
Every collaboration is an expression of a customer who places their trust in KIBO.
They trust that their security is in safe hands with us.
This trust is our reason for existence, and therefore, we cherish it.

We don't rest on OUR LAURELS
In a changing world with many dangers, it requires keeping a finger on the pulse
and continuous dialogue with the market to ensure security and real safety
at all times.

At KIBO, it's the customers who determine what makes them feel safe,
and we have the latest knowledge of the technical security options.

Safety is also created with empathy and understanding.
At KIBO Sikring, we genuinely engage with customers, their experiences,
and security needs. As a customer, you can feel just as secure with our
employees as with our security solutions.

We are here for our CUSTOMERS
Without them, there would be no company.
We go to great lengths to understand the customer's needs.
A satisfied customer is the best ambassador we can have.

Let's have a conversation about your security needs

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Please note, we only do repairs in Denmark.

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