Midlertidig stormflodssikring

Garda Flood Protection

- for rapid flood protection of large areas

Protect an area from flooding quickly and effectively

Floods create challenges in many places and have significant economic consequences for both communities and individuals. Our mobile flood protection is an effective solution to mitigate these problems. With Garda FloodProtection, it is quick to take control of the water masses both in the event of flood risk and for other applications such as temporary dams, establishment of water reservoirs, and so on.

Delivered on pallets, complete with all necessary equipment for installation - quick and easy.

Available in heights of 90 cm and 120 cm.

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Midlertidig oversvømmelsessikring


Utilizes floodwater to stabilize the barrier, ensuring that the system is light and efficient.



Withstands heavy loads and impacts, and can therefore be reused many times.



Simple and flexible, allowing it to be used in various flood situations without the need for additional parts.


Lightweight and Compact

Is low weight for easy transport and installation, and can be packed flat and compact.


Long Lifespan

Made from durable and corrosion-resistant materials that require no maintenance.


Material Technology

GARDA FloodProtection is made from carefully selected materials that reduce costs and weight while optimizing the system's performance.


Midlertidig oversvømmelsessikring

How GARDA FloodProtection Works

GARDA FloodProtection consists of a base plate and a wall plate that are easily connected and reinforced with a wire.

When floodwater pushes against the barrier, the hydrostatic forces on the base plate are much greater than on the wall. This makes the barrier highly stable.

With the simple coupling mechanism between the base and wall plates, the system can be adapted to almost any situation and terrain conditions without the need for special tools or additional components.

Quick to Set Up and Take Down

Since the modules are self-stabilizing, they can be set up at any angle relative to each other. This allows you to easily construct flood protection with curves and angles.

The solution is developed and manufactured by Haawal Engineering.

  • User-friendly
  • Compact storage footprint
  • Fast assembly and disassembly
  • Robust and capable of handling strong currents, long distances, and challenging terrain

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5 Simple Assembly Steps:

  1. Place the bases on the ground.

  2. Position the walls on the bases.

  3. Unroll the plastic sheeting.

  4. Secure the support wires.

  5. Apply weight to the barrier.

Garda FloodProtection is Available in Two Different Heights:
90 cm or 120 cm.

Garda FloodProtection 20m 120cm Height

Garda FloodProtection 20m 90cm Height

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