Urban Space Security

Inventory that Enhances Security and Prevents Terrorism

Everyone should be able to move safely and freely in the city, and that's where our certified urban security inventory comes in. Multifunctional solutions that elegantly blend with the aesthetics of urban spaces and do not signal fear or terrorist threats – all without compromising safety.

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Urban Furniture that Is both Safe and Visually Pleasing

In recent years, increased focus on counter-terrorism has led to more and more large and unsightly concrete blocks in urban areas. A solution that is rarely aesthetically pleasing and constantly reminds one of the risk of terrorism. A necessary evil.

But it doesn't have to be that way. With our certified and multifunctional urban furniture, you can have an equally secure solution where form, aesthetics, and expression have also been considered. Urban security that naturally blends in with the surroundings.

The Year's Biggest (and Safest) Christmas Presents

To ensure the lighting of the Christmas tree – and contribute to the Christmas spirit – our Commercial Barriers were wrapped in gift paper, with one disguised as a snowman.

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Crash-Tested and Certified Urban Furnishings

The goal is to create security - not fear. Therefore, we have taken common urban furnishings such as benches, planters, and trash cans and designed them so that they still fulfill the same functions but also provide a high level of security.

All our urban security products are crash-tested and certified according to international standards – PAS 68IWA-14, and PAS 170. Our solutions can thus stop everything from a 2.5-ton vehicle at 16 km/h to a 7.5-ton truck at 80 km/h.

A Secure Solution Today and for Many Years to Come

We have been in the industry for over 50 years, and we will continue to be for many more years.

Based on a needs and risk analysis, our experienced project managers ensure that we cover all aspects of your security. This guarantees that you receive precisely the solution that meets your risk profile, not just for today but also in the future.


With You from Start to Finish – Even After Installation

We are not just a provider of security solutions; we also offer security consultation. We handle the entire installation from beginning to end and can also manage the ongoing service and maintenance.

In other words, you get a professional security partner who takes your safety seriously, so you can stop worrying about it and feel secure every day.

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