KIBO Connector

- real-time operational status and access control on all your devices

Get Real-Time Operational Status Combined with Access Control on All Your Devices

With KIBO Connector, you gain access control for all your gates, bollards, barriers, and doors. Additionally, you can monitor their current operational status, allowing you to respond immediately in case of errors, damages, or breakdowns.

KIBO Connector is available for both computers and as a smartphone or iPhone app, ensuring you always have a comprehensive overview of all your devices at your fingertips.

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Highlighted Features

With KIBO Connector, you can easily manage access to your area while monitoring real-time operational status on your devices via computer or smartphone. This enables you to respond immediately in case of errors and damages.

Open/Close with Your Mobile

Control your device directly from the app on your mobile or via SMS.


Alarm & Notification

Receive alarms on mobile, email, or SMS. Customize alarms for each user.


Real-Time Operational Status

Monitor the current status of photocells, emergency stops, opening inputs, power supply, and more.


Intelligent Service 

Based on device usage patterns, you will receive automatic notifications when it's time for maintenance.



Schedule when your device should be open and set user-based access on weekdays, times, and more.


Reports & Statistics

Get real-time status and reports on the vital
functions of your device.



With KIBO Connector, You Can Manage When Your Device Should Be Open and Grant Access Permissions Based on Users, Time, and More

You manage and monitor all your devices in one single and intuitive system, accessible directly from your computer or via an app on iPhone or smartphone - and you will automatically receive an alert in case of an incident.

KIBO Connector Can Be Integrated with Existing Gates, Bollards, Barriers, and Doors.

KIBO Connector is compatible with both new and older installations. Simply install a small KIBO Connector module in the device's control box, after which you can immediately monitor the operating status, view GPS coordinates for each device, and manage access.

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