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KIBO Sikring tilbyder speedgates med lang levetid til kontrol af indgange og udgange i områder med stort person-flow.

d'Flow Speedgate i indgangsparti

A Speedgate is Ideal for Access Control at Businesses

A speedgate is an access control system with doors or gates, often placed in entryways in everything from industrial buildings to amusement parks. Speedgates are typically equipped with sensors that can detect a person approaching and automatically open or close the doors when they approach.

Our aesthetically appealing speedgates are the ultimate solution for securing passages. All speedgates have a high level of security and operate at fast speeds. Additionally, all speedgates have anti-tailgating detection systems to prevent unauthorized individuals from bypassing the system.

Speedgates are particularly suited for controlling entrances and exits in areas with high pedestrian traffic. All our speedgates have LED lighting and offer a wide range of control options, including barcodes, card readers, RFID, MIFARE, and biometric readers.

Speedgates can be placed in various locations within buildings or areas to ensure that only authorized users have access. They are therefore ideal for securing passages.

Speedgates are also known as speedlanes, speedstiles, turnstiles, and access gates. Read more about the advantages of speedgates below.

Speedgates Are Gaining Popularity in the Business World due to an Increased Focus on Security

In recent years, speedgates have become more advanced and accessible in terms of pricing, leading to their increased presence in entryways, reception areas, lobbies, and more.

The growing emphasis on security in the corporate sector makes speedgates a logical choice for companies seeking to enhance security at their entrances and exits.

All our speedgates feature LED lighting and offer a wide range of control options, including barcodes, card readers, RFID technology, MIFARE cards, and biometric readers. These features ensure that only authorized individuals gain access to the area.

Optimized People Flow in Large Areas and Buildings

A speedgate facilitates fast access and enhances security in an area: One of the primary advantages of using speedgates is their ability to open and close quickly and efficiently. This makes it easy and fast for employees and visitors to enter and exit the company premises. Additionally, it ensures that unauthorized users cannot gain access to the area.

If you have a high volume of visitors, a speedgate can help improve the flow of people in and out of the area, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Speedgates are Available in Various Heights, Widths, and Can Be Customized for Many Different Environments

Our speedgates have a modern and stylish design, making them adaptable to the aesthetics of any building. This can help create a positive first impression of the company for customers, visitors, and potential new employees.

All our speedgates come in different heights and widths; for example, a wider model is suitable for wheelchair users.

We offer speedgates in various versions, such as the more traditional d’Tower speedgate or the modern speedgate d’Flow, where the doors are usually open instead of closed.

This allows speedgates to be adapted to a wide range of environments, from industrial and office buildings to amusement parks and swimming pools.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Speedgate with a Service Agreement

Speedgates are designed to be durable and require minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective long-term solution. However, we always recommend choosing a service agreement. With this agreement, we will visit your location twice a year to lubricate, adjust, and calibrate your speedgate, ensuring it always operates optimally.

Operating Speedgates: Integration with Existing Access Control Systems

Speedgates can typically be integrated with your existing access control system, such as card readers, key fobs, or biometric scanners. These features can enhance security and control further, providing your company with an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access.

Integration of Speedgates with various access control systems::

Card Readers: Speedgates can be integrated with card readers that require a valid access card to open the doors and grant access.

Biometric Access Control: Speedgates can be integrated with biometric access control systems that require a person's fingerprint, facial recognition, or iris scanning to open the doors.

Access Codes: Speedgates can be integrated with access code systems that require the input of a correct code to open the doors.

Video Surveillance: Speedgates can be integrated with ideo surveillance systems that monitor access to the building or area and allow for remote monitoring.

You can also choose to connect the system to your mobile phone or opt for a remote control, ensuring that you can operate the gate from a distance.

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