Perimeter Security

There are several options for electronic perimeter security, including:

  • check Fence security with Intrepid Micropoint and Intrepid Microwaves from Southwest Microwave (learn more here)
  • check Buried security with Intrepid Microtrack from Southwest Microwave
  • check Gate and door security with active infrared beams from Takex (download product datasheet here)
  • check Facade security with laser scanners from Optex
  • check Video analysis with thermal cameras
  • check All forms are recommended and used where relevant

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Intrepid Micropoint

The system has the significant advantage of being able to connect to existing alarm systems and integrate with a TV surveillance platform.


  • Precise detection of the intrusion location, down to 3 meters accuracy.
  • Zone division via PC software.
  • Detection, power supply, alarms, and data via a single cable.


  • Automatic control of PTZ cameras, which record alarm events and/or send live images from the fence line.
  • Control of lighting in the respective zone.
  • Activation of sirens and/or silent alarms.

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