KIBO Terra 180°

- manual swing barrier

KIBO Terra 180° Manual Swing Barrier Is Easy to Install and Operate

The barrier is IWA-14 certified and stops a vehicle weighing 7.2 tons at 48 km/h.

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Modern Design

The KIBO Terra 180° swing barrier features a modern and sleek design.

It is the ideal solution for securing locations or facilities that do not require daily access or where options for connecting to power are limited.

The construction is welded steel, and the appearance of the barrier is sandblasted, galvanized, primed, and powder-coated. The height of the barrier is 942 mm.


Resistant to Tool Attacks

The KIBO Terra 180° swing barrier has a low built-in depth of only 350 mm and can secure an opening of up to 6 meters.

The barrier is secured with a robust locking mechanism that is resistant to attacks with various tools, including power tools.

The KIBO Terra 180° swing barrier can be opened from both the right and left sides.


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