Security for Transport, Logistics, and Warehousing

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Security for Companies in Transportation, Logistics & Warehousing

Logistics and transportation companies play a crucial role in the supply chain, so there are specific security requirements.

If transportation is interrupted or delayed due to an internal factor, it creates problems and can have serious consequences. Having up-to-date and effective security solutions in place is essential for both customers and insurance companies for transportation and logistics firms.

Therefore, this industry demands stable access control solutions that operate smoothly for employees while keeping unauthorized individuals out.

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Reliable Security Solutions for Transportation and Logistics

Security requirements are heightened, especially in logistics and warehousing, due to the "Just-in-time" principle, which aims to reduce delivery times to production by:

  • Having high flexibility
  • Producing necessary items at the correct times
  • Minimizing inventory..

Furthermore, the principle aims to reduce costs by:

  • Eliminating waste and improving quality
  • Engaging employees with a focus on continuous improvement.

To meet these requirements and ensure functionality, it's important for the company to have the right security solutions that support these methods.

Security in the Workplace

As crucial as securing distribution and warehouses is, creating a secure workplace for employees is equally necessary.

Securing properties and office buildings against unauthorized guests and incidents can contribute to employee safety. It should also be easy for employees to use and control accesses on a daily basis.

If the company has multiple office buildings and wants to grant all employees access to all locations, if you want to monitor who is around the buildings at night, or if you need to provide temporary access to technicians or other craftsmen, there are endless possibilities for securing businesses. Therefore, it's important to assess your specific security needs.

Products for the Transport Industry

As part of security measures, it's crucial to regulate access to the area, allowing only vehicles and individuals with a legitimate purpose.

We offer both standard solutions and security solutions specially designed to meet your needs and requirements.

Regardless of your needs, we can help keep unwanted guests out and valuables in with a combination of lectronic surveillance such as access control, alarms, license plate recognition and videosurveillance (CCTV), as well as mechanical security såsom fences, gates, bollards and the Loading Dock Protector.

Our security solutions can easily integrate with existing systems or be installed as standalone solutions.

Need Extra High Security?

If you require extra-high security, we also offer certified security solutions capable of withstanding vehicle attacks of up to 7.5 tons at 80 km/h.

Furthermore, we offer a wide range of service agreements. With a service agreement, you are guaranteed that your company complies with the legal requirements for security, that the security continues to function, and that the investment's lifespan is extended.

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