- 50 meters of fence on only 1 m2


KIBOX is an innovative mobile fencing solution that combines fence and posts in a single box.

The mobile fence is rolled up inside the box. This makes it easy to pull out the fence and roll it back in after use. The included posts are placed along the fence line, and the fence is easily attached to them.

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Watch the video to see how quickly and easily it is to set up a mobile fence with KIBOX. 

Why You Should Choose KIBOX

There are many advantages to choosing KIBOX over ordinary mobile fences with heavy concrete feet, including:



Save time setting up a mobile fence


Save money on transporting mobile fence panels and heavy feet


Avoid storing mobile fence panels and feet


KIBOX has holes for forklifts, so you don't have to lift heavy things manually

KIBOX Is the Optimal Alternative to Conventional Mobile Fencing

With KIBOX, you can say goodbye to dragging around ordinary mobile fence panels and heavy concrete feet. KIBOX has both fence, posts, and feet in one integrated solution inside the box. Of course, there are also holes for forklifts in the base, so you can easily transport KIBOX.

The bottom of the box is filled with concrete, which provides the necessary stability. KIBOX is therefore ideal for events such as festivals and sports events, or as temporary security at construction sites or harbor areas.

Do You Need More Than 50 Meters of Fence? One KIBOX Can Easily Be Integrated with Another KIBOX

To assemble KIBOX, simply attach it to a separate adapter piece. The adapter piece can be delivered on a free-standing concrete base or mounted directly onto existing equipment such as posts, fences, house walls, etc. The steel cables for this are integrated into the wire fence.

KIBOX as a Stationary Solution

For permanent fencing of an area, KIBOX is secured to the ground. If the need for demarcation changes over time, KIBOX can easily be moved to another area.

Download Product Datasheet

Click on the product datasheet to read more details about the product. 

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