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Security for All Types of Entrances

KIBO Security offers pedestrian gates and turnstiles to secure all entrances with unmanned control. As a total provider, we can assist you with installation, maintenance, and repairs of gates nationwide.

Turnstile or Pedestrian Gate?

Both turnstiles and pedestrian gates are used to secure entrances with unmanned control. The difference between the two types of gates primarily lies in their purpose, space requirements, maintenance, and installation.

Choose a turnstile if you:

  • check Want a robust gate for entrance control.
  • check Need to ensure that only one person at a time gains access.
  • check Require access control for an outdoor storage area, industrial site, stadium, amusement park, or sports facility where you want to restrict access to the area..

Choose a pedestrian gate if you:

  • check Want a sturdy and cost-effective high-quality gate.

  • check Have a fenced area and need a gate that can open 180 degrees, reaching up to the fence.

  • check Need to ensure entrances to playgrounds, industrial facilities, parks, sports grounds, nature play areas, or public spaces.

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