Robust Turnstiles from KIBO

- for unmanned access control


We offer a wide range of turnstiles that provide efficient access control for individuals, even at unmanned entrances.

Turnstiles, also known as revolving doors, turnstiles, or wicket gates, are often used in industries like outdoor storage areas or other places requiring access control, such as outdoor pools, amusement parks, zoos, tennis courts, golf courses, sports facilities, or stadiums.

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The robust guide arms ensure that only one guest can pass through at a time. Additionally, turnstiles with extra features can be set up to count the number of guests passing through.

Turnstiles from KIBO Are Available in 3 Variants

At KIBO, we provide long-lasting gates that suit all security needs and levels. As a total provider, we can assist you with installation, maintenance, and repair of turnstiles nationwide.

Turnstiles are also known as carousels, tripods, person carousels, or person mills.

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