Turnstile ROL 10

- manual turnstile

Turnstile ROL 10 Is a Manual Gate that Ensures Only One person at a Time Can Access an Area.

ROL 10 is ideal for festivals, events, public spaces, and amusement parks.


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Manuel rotationslåge til indgange

Deters Climbing

This turnstile is constructed with a height of 2200 mm and a diameter of 1310 mm. The gate has 11 guide arms with a diameter of 48.3 mm and dimensions of 70 x 40 cm. Each spindle has 3 arms, and each rotation occurs in increments of 120 degrees.

The outer side is filled with balusters. ROL 10 has a roof that deters climbing difficult and is delivered as standard in stainless steel.


Ideal as an Emergency Exit

Turnstile ROL 10 provides simple, cost-effective, and efficient one-way access control for entrances with a moderate number of people passing through. The gate is often used as an emergency exit where access should only be allowed out.

Turnstiles are also known as carousels, tripods, person carousels, or person mills.


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