Turnstile ROL 30

- fully automatic turnstile

Rotationslåge ROL 30 Is a Fully Automatic Turnstile with Motorized 230 V Rotation

ROL 30 is an ideal choice for locations where frequent passage needs to be controlled.


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Automatisk rotationslåge til indgange

Controls Entrances and Exits

The turnstile is designed for continuous operation and can be successfully used in areas with frequent passages.

Entrances and exits can be controlled via a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), optimizing security.

After approved verification, the rotation's automation starts with a gentle push.

Turnstiles are also known as carousels, tripods, person carousels, or person mills.


Dimensions of the Turnstile

The fully automatic turnstile is also available as a double turnstile and can be equipped with lighting, roof structure, and access control such as card reader or code lock.

The sturdy turnstile has a diameter of 1310 mm and 11 arms with a diameter of 38 mm.

Each spindle has 3 arms made of stainless steel. The gate ensures that only one person passes through at a time.


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