Security for Municipalities and Institutions

- securing everything from public spaces to kindergartens

Securing Public Spaces and Institutions

We provide security solutions to many municipalities, including everything from securing public spaces to securing institutions such as nurseries, kindergartens, and schools.

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Attractive Urban Spaces with Safety in Mind

The concept of securing public spaces has often been associated with unsightly and intrusive concrete barriers that constantly remind passersby of potential security threats. Our innovative solutions challenge this traditional notion of what urban security should look like and how it should blend into its surroundings. We introduce certified and multifunctional urban furniture for securing public spaces that seamlessly integrates with the environment.

Traditionally, urban security has been considered a necessary evil, with little regard for aesthetics or expression when implementing new solutions. This frequently results in unattractive and obtrusive measures that constantly remind people of potential dangers in our society.  

With our new range of urban furniture, we aim to provide security without instilling fear. By combining common urban amenities such as benches, planters, trash bins, and bike racks with a high level of security, our solutions naturally blend into the environment without evoking fear.

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Crash-Tested and Certified Urban Furniture

All our products for urban security undergo crash tests and are certified according to international standards, including PAS 68, IWA-14, and PAS 170. This ensures that all our solutions effectively stop the tested vehicle. Our solutions can halt anything from a 2.5-ton vehicle at 16 km/h to a 7.5-ton truck at 80 km/h.

Urban Furniture with Design Freedom

When it comes to securing urban spaces, design is as crucial as security. Urban furniture should be inviting, aesthetically pleasing, and compatible with the surroundings.

No two public spaces are identical, which is why our products offer extensive design freedom. We offer various types of covers for bollards, as well as a wide range of planters and benches. If you have specific preferences for shape, color, or expression, we can accommodate those as well.

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Safe Daycare - Inspection of Fencing and Gates

We provide fencing and gates to many daycare institutions, including nurseries, kindergartens, and schools.

Many institutions particularly prefer chain link fencing and pedestrian gates. However, several institutions have also started choosing welded mesh fencing, because it's durable, aesthetically pleasing, and generally requires less maintenance than chain link.

As it's crucial that fences and gates function flawlessly, we offer a tailor-made inspection agreement for the examination and maintenance of these.

This concept is specifically aimed at schools, after-school clubs (SFOs), nurseries, and kindergartens. All daycare institutions and schools must comply with the Danish Safety Authority's DS/EN 1176 standard, which concerns maintenance and operation on playgrounds. Unfortunately, many forget about fences and gates in this context, and it can have dangerous consequences.

We offer a comprehensive agreement for the maintenance and inspection of all fences and gates. A comprehensive agreement for fence inspection for childcare institutions and schools ensures that you comply with the Danish Safety Authority's DS/EN 1176 standard and minimizes the risk of accidents.

An Inspection Agreement with Us Includes:

  • Annual fence inspections
  • Repair of any damage
  • Issuance of a condition report
  • Dated service and approval label on fences

In addition, an emergency agreement with a guarantee for repairing any acute damage no later than the day after it is detected can be added. 

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