Robust Welded Mesh Fencing and Panel Fencing from KIBO

- fencing that keeps the unwanted out

Strong Welded Mesh Fencing and Panel Fencing for Medium and High-Risk Businesses

KIBO offers high-quality and extensively tested steel welded mesh fencing, also known as panel fencing.

Our fencing comes standard with robust grids made of hot-dip galvanized steel, mounted on sturdy fence posts. The grid is secured with noise-reducing clips, minimizing any potential noise disturbances.

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Effective Perimeter Security

Welded mesh fencing and panel fencing are used to effectively restrict access to areas such as ports, stadiums, manufacturing facilities, car dealerships, or areas within the military.

KIBO offers panel fencing with grids in four variants:

Welded Mesh Fence SGH 30/36

Welded Mesh Fence SGH 64

Sports Facilities Fence SPH 20

Sports Facilities Fence SPH 30

We have many names for the things we love, and steel mesh fencing is also known as panel fencing, steel fencing, grid fencing, mesh mat fencing, steel mat fencing, sports fencing, fencing, modular fencing, and galvanized fencing. 

More Great Reasons to Choose Panel Fencing

Steel mesh fencing – also known as panel fencing – requires minimal maintenance and is one of the strongest fences on the market. Therefore, this type of fence is typically used in the industry, at ports, and by car dealerships to enclose an area.

Our panel fence is installed with noise-reducing clips and special brackets that make untimely dismantling difficult.

The panel fence comes standard in hot-dip galvanized steel and is equipped with horizontal double round bars and vertical round bars, forming a strong grid with mesh sizes of 50 x 200 mm.

If higher security is required, a fence with a height of over 1500 mm can be supplied with two rows of barbed wire, making unauthorized access more challenging.

Our panel fence is delivered in modules of 2500 mm in various heights and is available in several RAL colors.

Any gates and doors can be supplied with grid filling and color that matches the panel fence. Contact us for more information.

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