- concrete barriers for blocking access roads

Permanent or Temporary Vehicle Barrier

CHICANE is an elliptical concrete bollard that can be used as both a permanent and temporary vehicle barrier.

With its concentric cone shape with weight at the bottom and lightness at the top and rounded edges, CHICANE is a friendly and inviting element that allows people to pass freely in between the rows.

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Barriere til gågader

Wedges Itself Under the Vehicle

When CHICANE is struck, due to its shape, it will wedge itself under the vehicle.


Placed Directly on Terrain

CHICANE is easy to set up and move using a built-in lifting option at the top or recesses at the bottom.



CHICANE can be decorated with a cover of your choice


Put Your Own Mark on CHICANE

CHICANE is an elliptical cone-shaped concrete barrier. It is suitable for setting up in formations and repetitions to create access barriers.

When CHICANE is hit, it topples over and wedges itself under the vehicle. It is easy to set up and move using a built-in lifting option at the top or recesses at the bottom.

If you wish, CHICANE can be delivered with a cover of your choice.

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  • Weight: 600 kg
  • Placed directly on the ground
  • M16 lifting thread at the top
  • Dimensions: Ø230/670-1020 x 1000 mm
  • Can be decorated with a cover of your choice

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