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High Security and Vehicle Obstruction - When Only the Best Will Do

KIBO offers a wide range of products for high-security and counter-terrorism purposes, suitable for areas with exceptionally high security requirements.

High security for an area can be achieved in various ways, and it is defined based on purpose, security class, and scope. At KIBO, we help identify your needs and create a tailored security solution with the right combination of mechanical security and electronic surveillance to provide the necessary high security.

Vehicle Obstruction

We live in a conflict-prone world and may be at risk of unpredictable actions. Therefore, vehicle obstruction has become a more significant part of our daily lives when it comes to safeguarding people, including citizens, employees, and public figures. Vehicle obstruction also has an important psychological and mental impact on employees, so it's essential to know that precautions have been taken against the threats that may be directed at the company. Vehicle obstruction, such as bollards, is one form of safeguarding urban areas for daily use or during large gatherings. These barriers will stop a frontal collision with a truck or other heavy vehicle weighing up to 7.5 tons.

Burglary Protection / Forced Entry - Certified Solutions

When there's a need for exceptionally high security in an area, we can provide certified products such as gates, doors, and fences. Our solutions are certified according to EN 1627 – resistance classes (RC) RC 2 and RC 4 or LPS 1175 security ratings (SR) SR 2 and SR 3.

Click here to see the different resistance classes and their resistance times. Most of our solutions are resistance class SR2 and SR3.

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