Hear It from the Horse's Mouth: What It's Like to Work at KIBO

Learn more about those in the KIBO shirt and about KIBO as a workplace

Service Technician

Torben Jacobsen

Torben Jacobsen is 50 years old and has been a part of KIBO since 2008.

As a Service Technician, Torben is responsible for servicing and repairing our mechanical solutions such as gates, boom barriers, bollards, and more. 

"You are heard, and what you say is taken care of. Even though many of us work in the field, we have a strong social bond. We often talk on the phone with each other and share stories when we are traveling around the country. It's important to be able to do that.”

Fence Inspector

Rune Eriksen

Rune Eriksen is 33 years old and has been employed at KIBO Security since 2019.

Rune is a fence inspector and inspects fences in the Central, Eastern, and North jutland regions of Denmark. He travels extensively throughout Jutland, visiting kindergartens, waterworks, ports, and various companies on a daily basis.

"Even if you are new to KIBO, it's not far from discussing ideas with management and getting responsibility and influence over your own tasks. I think that's really great.”

Service Advisor

Peter Glasdam

Peter is 26 years old and has been employed at KIBO since 2018.

Peter is a Service Advisor in the Service and Emergency department, where he is responsible for our group and major customers, including advising Copenhagen Airport and Danish Crown.

”While I get to know the customer better, the customer also becomes more aware of their security needs. It's great to contribute to that and make their daily lives a little easier and safer.”

Security Consultant

Mark Borup

Mark Borup is 45 years old and has been employed at KIBO since 2000.

Mark is a security consultant and operates in East Jutland. Over time, he has built a strong network within the security and construction industries, which he gladly utilizes in his daily work.

"The social camaraderie is really good, both in the offices and at communal events such as grill gatherings, fishing trips, Friday bars, summer parties, and Christmas parties (julefrokoster).”

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