High-Speed Folding Gate HFP 05

- automatic folding gate for light industry and residential areas

Quick Folding Gate for Light Industry and Residential Areas

With an automatic folding gate, you can prevent downtime and minimize the time when the perimeter security is open due to passage.


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Hurtigkørende foldeport industri

Freestanding & Reliable

The automatic folding gate HFP 05 is freestanding and made of hot-dip galvanized steel.

The robust and reliable motor from CAME can handle up to 250 operating cycles per day. The motor is attached to the top of the gate post.

The torque is transmitted to the gate wings via an arm and coupling system.


Lightning-Fast Folding Gate

Our quick folding gate is for those who want to minimize the time when the perimeter security is open during passage.

The opening/closing speed of 0.6 m/s is the folding gate's great strength, making it typically used for traffic regulation.

A folding gate is also known as a high-speed gate, quick folding gate, space-saving gate, articulated gate, and folding industrial gate.


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