d'Flow Speedgate

- free flow speedgate with open doors

d'Flow Speedgate Is a New FREE FLOW Concept for Speedgates Where the Doors Remain Open

With d'Flow, a whole new level of convenience and security is achieved. Instead of being a hindrance, d'Flow welcomes users with open doors through its distinctive visual identification system.

If access is denied, the doors immediately close based on the person's position and speed. This is made possible thanks to a revolutionary image system that monitors the entire passage area of the system rather than a limited number of specific sensors.

The open doors create better flow and faster pedestrian throughput compared to traditional speedgates where the doors are normally closed.
Innovative Image System
The d'Flow image system is equivalent to an almost infinite number of traditional IR sensors, allowing for a whole new level of precision in the identification process of unauthorized users.

The algorithms are designed to identify people and ignore objects such as bags, hats, caps, backpacks, mobile phones, and more. The algorithms can also identify and track multiple users simultaneously in the passage area.

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d'Flow speedgate med åbne døre

Watch a short video from when our consultants were at a training session in d'Flow.
The video provides an insight into how d'Flow works.

d'Flow is not just a revolutionary product - d'Flow
represents an entirely new category within speedgates.

Open Doors
The system can detect one or more users moving in any direction within the passage area with high precision. This precision allows authorized users to be met with open doors. Therefore, the doors will only close when one or more unauthorized users are detected.

When the Doors Close
d'Flow appears as an open system but has integrated swing doors.

These doors are activated only when one or more unauthorized users attempt to pass through the system. The smart system also detects individuals attempting to gain access by walking closely behind the person in front. The closing mechanism is quick and precise. A modern imaging system feeds sophisticated algorithms with data that controls the acceleration and position of the barriers based on the position, speed, and direction of unauthorized users.

Two-Way Flow
d'Flow can be configured to accept flows from all directions in widths from 500 mm to over 914 mm.

With precise identification of unauthorized users, d'Flow technology allows a 914 mm (36") speedlane to be user-friendly for everyone, including those with mobility issues and wheelchair users.

Methods of Identification
d'Flow accepts traditional identification methods such as barcodes, RFID, MIFARE, and fingerprints. Integration with these technologies is the same as with traditional speedgates and turnstiles.

d'Flow is also prepared to accept new biometric and contactless technologies, including facial recognition, iris recognition, and "finger on the fly."

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