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Mekanisk arm ved Dokk1


Plastic in the world's oceans is a growing problem. The oceans urgently need first aid – and the first step is to solve the problem where it originates.

On Europaplads in Aarhus, just outside Dokk1, the river meets the sea. Therefore, it is an ideal place to install a mechanical arm that collects waste from Aarhus River. And that is exactly what All In On Green has done with their robot arm, SeaProtectorOne.

We have had the pleasure of providing fencing and a gate to secure the robot arm on land. Thus, we have made our (KIBO)green footprint for the environment, and we are proud to have been chosen to secure such an innovative and important project as this.

All In On Green and SeaProtectorOne

All In On Green goes all in to provide first aid to the world's oceans. They have implemented a technological solution that prevents human plastic waste from ending up in the world's oceans.

Mads Tranders Nielsen is the founder of All In On Green and the inventor behind SeaProtectorOne.

His mission is to reduce plastic and waste in the world's oceans and with his latest invention, he has taken a big step in the sustainable direction.

SeaProtectorOne is an intelligent mechanical arm that captures floating plastic waste in rivers and streams, preventing it from reaching the seas.

The goal is to deploy the solution elsewhere in Denmark and around the world, so SeaProtectorOne can hopefully capture litter in rivers worldwide”, says Mads Tranders Nielsen, founder of All In On Green.

In addition to capturing and collecting various types of waste, the robot arm can also take into account other river users, such as kayakers and birds. Thermal cameras ensure that the arm is raised, allowing them to pass easily.

Stålgitterhegn ved Dokk1 i Aarhus



Installation of Welded Mesh Fence and Pedestrian Gate

We have supplied welded mesh fence SGH 30/36 and pedestrian gate GLÅ 30 to secure the installation. Both components are in the subtle color RAL9006 white aluminum, which blends well with the open surroundings without drawing attention away from the main product.

Hegnstolper til stålgitterhegn monteres

Satisfied with the result and KIBO's service

”KIBO has provided a great service, and they live up to their promises. The enthusiastic guys from KIBO have done a satisfactory and fast job. I would definitely recommend KIBO to others with security needs”

– Mads Tranders, founder of All In On Green and inventor of SeaProtectorOne

Hegn monteres ved Dokk1
Indhegning af Sea Protector One

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