SkilteCentret Secures Against Car Theft and Improves Customer Service with Automatic Bollards



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Pullerter ved SkilteCentret i Viborg


SkilteCentret develops and produces graphic solutions for a wide range of purposes, including facades, office interiors, exhibitions, campaigns, and displays. Additionally, they provide vehicle wrapping services for private and commercial use, which is why they often have many vehicles on their premises.

To protect their customers' cars from theft, they were certain that they needed a robust and effective security solution when constructing new facilities in Viborg.


”Technology just makes everyday life easier - before investing in a security solution, one should remember that you don't necessarily have to struggle with a Ruko lock in the rain”

– Henrik Damsgaard, CEO, SkilteCentret

High Demands for a New Security Solution

CEO Henrik Damsgaard had high demands for the new security solution; it had to be effective, but it also had to be aesthetically pleasing and thus support SkilteCentret's work as a provider of high-quality graphic solutions. Therefore, the choice fell on automatic bollards, as the bollards' simple and stylish design fits well into SkilteCentret's new surroundings.

The automatic bollards can be easily operated via an app, SMS, or a call, making it possible to control them anywhere and anytime. 'The automatic bollards are good customer service – for example, you can sit at home and open and close the area for customers when they need to pick up their cars,' says CEO Henrik Damsgaard. Customers and suppliers can also receive one-time codes via SMS, allowing them to lower the bollards themselves when picking up or dropping off a car after business hours.

The automatic bollards are good customer service – for example, you can sit at home and open and close the area for customers when they need to pick up their cars”, Henrik Damsgaard, CEO, SkilteCentret.

Automatisk pullert ved parkeringsplads


For optimal user-friendliness, SkilteCentret has chosen to connect the automatic bollards to the same platform that controls their alarm system and surveillance cameras. All security solutions are therefore easily controlled through the same app.

In addition to the bollards' stylish design and great user-friendliness, the advantage is that they are only visible when actively securing the area. The bollards are hardly noticeable when lowered.   

The automatic bollards have been in use since the new building was completed in the fall of 2019, and CEO Henrik Damsgaard is extremely satisfied with the solution, as it both ensures that cars remain on SkilteCentret's premises and serves as part of excellent customer service.

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