KIBO Terra Venus

- fixed high-security bollard with low installation depth

KIBO Terra Venus with Low Installation Depth Is PAS 68 Certified and Stops a 7.5-Ton Vehicle at 48 Km/h

The bollard comes standard with a polyester powder-coated surface. This bollard is also available in a removable version.

This bollard has an installation depth of only 300 mm.

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Why Choose a KIBO Terra Venus Bollard?

  • Can stop a 7.5-ton vehicle at 48 km/h
  • Sleek design with stainless steel covers
  • Low installation depth of only 300 mm


Installation Requirements

KIBO Terra Venus bollards should be installed with a spacing of 1200 mm between each bollard in an upright position to comply with BSi PAS 69 guidelines.

High-security bollards are known as vehicle barriers, anti-terrorism measures, and protection against HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation).


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