Chain Link Fencing from KIBO

- the discreet, functional, and cost-effective solution

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is a discreet, functional, and cost-effective solution for enclosing both larger and smaller areas.

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Neat and Durable Enclosure

Chain link fencing provides a neat and durable perimeter enclosure. The fence is available in heights of up to 2 meters and seamlessly blends into the terrain with a stable and easy-to-maintain boundary.

Chain link fencing is often used at schools, playgrounds, tennis courts, or sports fields where security should be effective without appearing too imposing. Chain link fencing from KIBO is available in two variants:

Chain Link Fence FVH 50/60         

Sports Facilities Fence IDH 10

Chain link fencing is also known as industrial fencing, wire fencing, woven wire fence, meshwork fencing, sports fencing, and wire mesh fencing.


Effective Fence Installation Without the Use of Concrete

For the installation of chain link fencing, we can offer to drive the posts in using a Speed Piler. This way, we can set up the fence efficiently without the need for concrete.

See how smart it can be done in the video above.


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