KIBO Terra Folding Gate

- folding gate for high-security

The Folding Gate Is IWA-14 Certified and Stops a 7.2-Ton Truck at 48 km/h

KIBO Terra folding gate is easy to install and easy to maintain.

The normal operating speed of the gate is 6-15 seconds - depending on configuration.


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Højsikring foldeport

Low Foundation Depth

KIBO Terra Folding Gate has a low foundation depth of just 35 cm.

The gate's standard height is 2.4 meters with a width of up to 8 meters.


Integration with Access Control

The programmable logic controller (PLC) with built-in safety features receives input from access control systems. The folding gate can be integrated with all types of access control systems.



  • Performance: IWA 14 Classification Code: V Hinged Gate /7200(N2)/48/90:0.2

  • IWA 14 Tested Dimensions: Width: 6000mm, height 2400mm

  • Construction: Welded steel

  • Finish: Sandblasted, galvanized, primed, and powder-coated

  • Options: Accumulator (many options in power failure mode), High-Security Cabinet, Alarms

  • Security: Safety Edge Strips, Detection Loops, Photocells, Beacons, Audible Alarm

  • Operating Cycle: 100%

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