Solid Manual Swing Gates from KIBO

- simple and economical

Manual Swing Gates

A swing gate from KIBO is of high quality while still being an economical and simple solution when an area needs to be closed off.

Our sturdy swing gates can be filled with either press grid, steel grid, or balusters, and the gates can be supplied both with and without gate automation.

Is the space too narrow for a swing gate? A sliding gate can be an ideal solution if the area in front of the gate is too small for, for example, a swing gate, or if a hill prevents the use of double-leaf gates. 

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A solution with a manual swing gate is often used at ports, parks, sports fields, and both in industry and in the public sector.

The only requirement for the installation of a swing gate is that the space around the gate is large enough for the gate leaf to swing open and closed unhindered.

You can choose between 2 different variants of manual swing gates:

A swing gate is also known as a double gate, grid gate, baluster gate.

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