Path Barrier STB 10

- solid path barrier for traffic regulation

Manual Barrier for Paths for Cyclists and Pedestrians

Path barrier STB 10 is a traffic-regulating barrier, primarily used on footpaths, bridle paths, cycle paths, and on smaller roads in nature.

This type of barrier is most commonly used to limit the speed of smaller vehicles such as bicycles, scooters, and mopeds.

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Stibom til stier og små veje

Barrier Arms Slow Down the Speed

The barrier arms on the path barrier can be lowered 90, 180, 270, or 360 degrees as needed.

Most often, a path barrier is placed just before the path leads out to a regular road. This way, the barrier slows down the speed before exiting.

The path barrier can be fully opened or closed to block all traffic.


Vandal-Resistant Padlock

The path barrier STB 10 is delivered as standard in hot-dip galvanized version with a span of up to 250 cm.

The construction is robust with barrier arms of 60 mm in diameter and pillars of 100 mm in diameter.

The barrier is locked with a vandal-resistant padlock.

Barrier systems are also known as boom and traffic regulating barrier systems.


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