Corrugated FencePLH 10

- corrugated Fence ence for secure enclosures

Neat and Sturdy Corrugated Fencing  for Area Screening

Corrugated fence from KIBO is used to restrict access and prevent curious looks.


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Screening of Industrial and Public Areas

The Corrugated Fence PLH 10 from KIBO is used by both the industry and for public areas. By using corrugated fences, a completely closed enclosure is ensured, where it is also not possible to see into the area."


Robust Fence that is Difficult to Breach

The fence consists of robust plates with a corrugated profile structure and a polyester-treated surface, making it difficult to breach.

The plates are mounted on hot-dip galvanized steel posts embedded in concrete foundations, ensuring that the fence stands solid at all times.


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