Decorative Covers for Bollards

- appealing solution for urban spaces

Inviting and Aesthetically Pleasing Covers for Bollards

Når byrummet skal sikres, er design lige så vigtigt som sikkerheden. Byrumsinventar skal være indbydende, æstetisk tiltalende og passe til omgivelserne. 

Vi tilbyder derfor et stort udvalg af certificerede pullerter til sikring af byrum samt mange flotte covers hertil.


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Dekorative pullerter til gågader

Decorative Embellishment

We offer a wide range of covers for bollards to make them more decorative.

We have various types of covers for bollards. If you have a specific request for shape, color, or style, we can certainly accommodate it.


Covers for Certified Bollards

Our bollards are available in different security levels: IWA 14-1, PAS 68 or PAS 170 standards.

The strongest models can stop a vehicle weighing 7.5 tons at 80 km/h.

Bollards are also known as electric bollards, automatic bollards, semi-automatic bollards, and half-automatic bollards.


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Please note, we only do repairs in Denmark.

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