Bollard with Integrated Trash Bin

- multifunctional solution for urban spaces

Bollard with Integrated Trash Bin

With its attached trash bin, this bollard combines high security, aesthetics, and functionality.

The bollard is PAS 68 certified and stops a vehicle weighing 7.5 tons at 80 km/h.


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Pullert med skraldespand

Aesthetic Urban Security

The bollard is made of stainless steel and is therefore highly durable.

The trash bin can hold 70 liters and is easy to remove for emptying. It is also available with a chewing gum and ashtray.


Multifunctional Bollard

The bollard is multifunctional as it serves both as a vehicle barrier and a trash bin.

Bollards with trash bins are available in various heights and mounting types.

Bollards are also known as electric bollards, automatic bollards, semi-automatic bollards, half-automatic bollards.


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