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In 2020, we installed the first d'Flow speed gates in Denmark, and the customer is extremely satisfied with the solution.

d'Flow is based on a new FREE FLOW concept, which means that the doors are normally open. This creates better flow of people compared to traditional speed gates - all without compromising security.

In this case, you can read why the customer chose d'Flow speed gates and how we help test and customize the new system to meet the customer's wishes and needs.

Why Did the Customer Choose d'Flow Speedgates?

At a security fair in London in 2019, the customer was captivated by d'Flow and its revolutionary features - especially the normally open doors, the possibility of two-way passage, and the system's many identification methods appealed to the customer.

The customer has chosen to remain anonymous in this article. For further information about the project, references can be requested. Contact Regional Manager Nikolai Steenberg at

KIBO's d'Flow Speedgate Is Characterized by:

  • Open doors that welcome guests and provide quick and effortless passage - the doors only close when an unauthorized person tries to pass through the system
  • Two-way passage that creates optimal flow and person throughput
  • LED color codes for different user groups.
  • An algorithm that identifies and tracks multiple users at once.
  • Anti-tailgating function.
  • Many identification options such as bar codes, RFID, MIFARE, fingerprints, biometric readers, facial recognition, iris recognition, and "finger on the fly."
  • You can read more about d'Flow here

The customer wanted an exclusive supply agreement for d'Flow, and after discussions with the manufacturer, Digicon, sand several potential suppliers, the choice fell on KIBO. The customer chose us for several reasons, including our good reputation in the security industry, strong references, and our proactive approach to every task.

d'Flow speedgate - kontrol ved adgang til erhverv

d'Flow is not just a revolutionary product; d'Flow represents an entirely new category within speed gates.


d’Flow Is an Open System with High Security

The customer has very high security requirements, so d'Flow will be connected to a biometric reader and facial recognition. In collaboration with the customer, we are currently in the process of adjusting and calibrating d'Flow to significantly enhance security compared to the current card reader solution. The upgrade to the biometric reader and facial recognition is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2021.

Working with d'Flow has been an exciting and educational process for both us and the customer, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to thoroughly review the system down to the smallest detail. The knowledge we gain now will benefit all customers who choose a d'Flow solution both now and in the future.

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