Service and Support Tailored to Your Needs

We offer nationwide service and emergency support agreements for all our security solutions, ranging from fences and gates to surveillance, alarm systems, and access control.

The need for inspections, service, repairs, and emergency support varies from customer to customer. That's why we offer multiple service and emergency support agreements to choose from.

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Together, We First Assess Your Security Needs with a Risk Profile

No two businesses are the same, and that includes security needs. That's why we always take the time to evaluate all potential risks, regulations, and requirements for your business when setting up new security solutions or taking over existing ones.

All this information is compiled into a risk profile, mapping out your company's security needs. With that in hand, we can find and tailor the service and emergency support agreement that best suits you and your business.




Facility Security Management

We manage the operation and maintenance of all your security installations, whether you have one or multiple sites. We assist in meeting your established KPIs and prevent breakdowns through proper maintenance, service, and emergency support. 

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What Do You Get with a Service Agreement?

Our basic agreement always includes inspection and maintenance of your security solution. Together, we determine a suitable interval for how often service technicians or fence inspectors should visit. The basic agreement includes:


during normal business hours on weekdays by appointment.



Condition Report

at each service inspection, where we lubricate, adjust, replace batteries, and inspect the products from A to Z.


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*Emergency response is not included in the basic agreement.
That requires an emergency response agreement.

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When You Enter into a Service Agreement with Us, You Contribute To Donating a Tree to Danish Public Forests

In collaboration with the Growing Trees Network, we donate 1 tree to Danish public forests every time we enter into a new service agreement.

These trees are planted on top of groundwater reservoirs to ensure clean drinking water, reduce CO2 emissions, increase biodiversity, and create new recreational areas.

We recommend servicing your products twice a year to enhance operational reliability and extend the product's lifespan.

Emergency Response

How Quickly Should We Respond if Something Goes Wrong? You Decide

It is, of course, never optimal if there are errors or breakages in a security solution.

The acute need to fix the error varies from company to company. Therefore, we offer different emergency response agreements with different response times so you can choose the one that best suits your company's risk profile.

Do You Want to Handle the Service Yourself? We'll Show You How

If you want your own employees to take care of the service and maintenance of your security solution, we offer hands-on courses for them.

These courses provide your employees with the best conditions to independently manage ongoing service, locate faults, and make repairs to your security solution.

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Need a Temporary Solution? We've Got You Covered

If there's an acute damage or breakdown in your gate or barrier system, we can set up a mobile gate with short notice. In less than 12 hours, your perimeter can be restored with a mobile solution that ensures the security of your business until your gate or barrier system is back up and running.

With a mobile solution, your business can quickly return to normal operations while still complying with all applicable certifications.

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Get a Thorough Inspection of Your Security Solution

Are you unsure if your current security solution is good enough? Or do you simply want to ensure that everything is in order?

We offer inspections of fences, perimeters, and your security solution in general, so you can be confident that your business complies with the applicable requirements and certifications for your industry.

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Nationwide Service and Contingency

With employees spread throughout Denmark, we can guarantee you fast nationwide service and emergency assistance. Around the clock, 365 days a year.

We Have Knowledge, Experience, and Spare Parts in All Service Vehicles

All our service visits are carried out by our own installers and technicians, all with thorough training and extensive experience in our security solutions.

They always carry the most common spare parts in the vehicle, so they can quickly make any necessary repairs on-site.

Together, this gives you the best service and the most value for your money.

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Please note, we only do repairs in Denmark.

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