Your 360-Degree Security Partner

When you choose KIBO, you get one security partner who can meet all your security needs. We take your security seriously and cover all aspects – so you can take it for granted.

One Partner for All Your Security Needs

With certified specialists in mechanical security, technical security, mobile security, and a well-established service and emergency response department,we can be your total supplier when it comes to all forms of security. In other words, we cover 360 degrees of your security needs.

We can implement and maintain everything from simple stand-alone solutions to complex integrated security systems, with multiple security types that support and interact with each other. And our service and emergency response department covers the entire country.

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Entrust Your Security to Us

No matter how large or small a security solution you need, we can handle it from start to finish. Based on a needs and risk analysis, our experienced project managers ensure that we cover all aspects of your security. This ensures that you get precisely the solution that matches your risk profile – not just today but also in the future.

We handle the entire installation of your security solution and can also take care of the subsequent service and maintenance. In other words, you get a professional security partner who takes your security seriously, so you don't have to worry about it and can feel safe every day.

Entrust Your Security to Us

Emergency Assistance and Mobile Solutions 24/7 All Year Round

If an accident happens, we respond immediately. We know that even a small breach of security can have significant consequences for you and your organization if it's not rectified.

That's why you can always call us – even in the middle of the night and during holidays. Our team of technicians covers the entire country. They can quickly come to the rescue and either repair the damage on-site or install a temporary mobile security solution until the permanent solution is repaired and functional again.

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We Install, Service, and Repair All Types of Security Solutions

At KIBO, we have the equipment, personnel, and expertise to deliver, install, and service complete security solutions that cover 360 degrees of your security needs.

If you already have one or more security solutions installed, we take them into account and create a solution that works in harmony with them. We are not limited to our own products but can also service and repair security solutions from other providers – so you only need one security partner.

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Unique Solutions of High Quality that Meet All Requirements

All our customers have different risk profiles. Some want to protect themselves against break-ins and vandalism, while others want full control over who enters and exits institutions. Therefore, our security solutions are always tailored to each customer's security needs and desires.

We are also familiar with the many requirements and regulations from insurance companies and public authorities. Therefore, our solutions are always composed of high-quality components, integrated into a whole, and based on many years of experience and product development, so you get the optimal security.


You Own Your Security Solution

We can build, install, and service your entire security solution. However, you always own your security solution.

We do not create any restrictions or encodings of your system, and all our systems are future-proof and based on open-source software. That gives you the greatest freedom of choice and gives us a good feeling in our stomachs.


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Please note, we only do repairs in Denmark.

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