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Bollards and Posts for Effective Traffic Regulation

A bollard is a simple yet effective way to prevent vehicle traffic in an area where it is undesirable. Bollards are also known as posts.

Our range of bollards includes both stationary, semi-automatic, and automatic bollards, each excelling in various security and traffic regulation needs.

These automatic bollards are operated directly from a mobile phone. Here you can see how quickly the bollards are lowered at our customer Skiltecentret in Viborg

What Is a Bollard?

A bollard is a post that is installed in the sidewalk or street. Bollards are designed to prevent vehicular traffic in an area where vehicle access is undesirable for various reasons, either for traffic regulation or pedestrian safety. Bollards are also known as posts.

Fixed, Semi-Automatic, and Automatic Bollards

There are several different types of bollards. Our range includes fixed, semi-automatic, and automatic bollards, each of which excels in different needs for traffic regulation and security.

A Fixed Bollard Cannot Be Moved

A fixed bollard cannot be moved and is therefore suitable for installation in areas where there is never a need for vehicle access. This could be, for example:

  • Industrial facilities
  • Public facilities
  • Parking lots and closed roads
  • Institutions and schools
  • Building corners
  • Gates

Automatic Bollards Can Be Raised and Lowered to Allow Vehicle Access

Automatic bollards are movable and are therefore suitable for installation in areas where the need for vehicle access arises regularly. An automatic bollard can be lowered to allow authorized vehicles to enter the area. Once the vehicle has gained access to the area, the bollard can be quickly raised again to prevent other vehicles from entering the area. 

Automatic bollards are often used in

  • Pedestrian streets
  • Shops
  • Driveways
  • Parks
  • Car exhibitions

Operating Methods for Bollards

The main difference between semi-automatic and automatic bollards is the operating method.

A semi-automatic bollard is operated with a key. When the key is inserted, the bollard is raised using a gas cartridge. The bollard can be easily lowered again by manually pressing the top of the bollard with the foot.

An automatic bollard is raised and lowered by a built-in motor, often controlled by a timer - this means that the bollard is raised and lowered at specific times. Vehicles with access can also operate the automatic bollard via a remote control, code, or mobile phone. Retractable bollards are often used in urban areas where there is a need to control vehicle access to pedestrian zones and similar areas.

If you need to install bollards in a location where excavation is impractical for some reason, you can also get bollards with very low installation depth, such as KIBO Matador or KIBO Terra Quantum.

Certified Bollards for High-Security

We offer a wide range of certified bollards for areas that require an extra high level of security. This can include police facilities, psychiatric facilities, ports, banks, or public areas. 

We offer fixed and automatic bollards that are PAS 68 or IWA 14-1 dertified. A certified bollard is your guarantee that the bollard meets international standards and can stop vehicles at the desired speed, such as a 7.5-ton truck at 80 km/h.

These are our automatic bollards KIBO PUE 40, which are operated quickly and easily via mobile phone.

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