Mobile Boom Barrier

- Rent a mobile barrier system for traffic regulation.

Rent for Simple and Effective Traffic Control

The mobile barrier system effectively manages entrances and exits.

By renting a mobile barrier system, you can easily regulate traffic for a limited period, whether it's for businesses, events, or other occasions.

The mobile barrier system can be used for temporary traffic regulation at places like construction sites and events, or for businesses when an existing solution is damaged or not functioning.

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Mobilt bomanlæg ved Regionshospitalet Horsens ved COVID-19 podningsklinik.

Mobilt bomanlæg ved Regionshospitalet Horsens

Ideal for Frequent Passage

The boom barrier system can open up to 300 times per hour.


Fast Opening Time

The opening time is 3-6 seconds depending on the setting.


Simple Operation

The boom barrier is very easy to operate. 


Temporary Traffic Regulation and Blocking

The portable boom gate is used for traffic regulation and blocking of an area for vehicular traffic.

Our mobile boom gate is easy to operate, can open up to 300 times per hour, and has an open/close speed of 3-6 seconds. Therefore, it is the ideal solution for areas with frequent passage.

The length of the boom arm can be 3, 4, or 5 meters.

In case of a power failure, the boom can be disengaged using a key for manual operation.

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Mobile Boom Barrier with Plenty of Options

There are many options for the mobile boom barrier, including:

  • Integrated flash at the top of the boom housing
  • Integrated traffic lights at the top of the boom housing
  • Integrated LED lights on the boom arm
  • Holding magnet on the boom arm to prevent vandalism
  • Skirt - swivel lower part mounted on the boom arm

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