Emergency Assistance

- in the event of an acutely arisen, irreparable total damage to your security installation, we are ready to assist

By Renting a Mobile Solution in Case of Damage or Breakdown, You Are Guaranteed:

An intact perimeter

We ensure that your perimeter is quickly restored to its original state


Normal Operations

Maintain normal operations.



We ensure that you comply with current certifications.


Save Money

There can be significant cost savings compared to hiring a security guard.


Emergency assistance 24/7 - call 70 10 70 77

If there is an acute damage or breakdown to your gate or barrier system that cannot be repaired, you can rent a mobile gate or a mobile barrier system with very short notice from KIBO Security - call us at 70 10 70 77 around the clock.

Emergency assistance guarantees that your perimeter is restored within a maximum of 12 hours after we receive your call.

By renting a mobile security solution, you are guaranteed that your business can maintain normal operations and comply with current certifications.

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phone+45 70 10 70 77


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"Super service, well satisfied." LEO SØRENSEN HOLDING ApS rented a mobile gate when their gate was hit and suffered irreparable damage.


Many of our customers are subject to various certifications, including:

  • ISPS Terror Security
  • TAPPA 
  • ISO 28000
  • ISO 31000
  • ISO 55000
  • TAPA / FSR
  • AEO
  • GDP
  • IFS
  • SQAS
  • And more


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KIBO is an expert in emergency services, ensuring that your business meets the certification requirements that your customers expect when collaborating with you.

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With emergency assistance, you get

Rapid Restoration

Emergency assistance ensures that your company's perimeter security is restored within 12 hours in the case of irreparable total damage. This means minimal downtime and a quicker resumption of business activities.


Flexible Solutions

Our extensive range of mobile certified security solutions is tailored to meet your specific security needs and the requirements your company must fulfill


Security According to International Standards

By choosing emergency assistance, you ensure that your security solutions comply with international standards and certifications crucial for your company's operational continuity.


Risk Minimization

Emergency assistance helps minimize the risk of losses by ensuring that your company meets security requirements in accordance with applicable standards and certifications.


Expertise and Experience

Our team of experts is ready to provide professional advice and implement the most effective security solutions that suit your company's needs.


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If You Don't Need Emergency Assistance

We also offer basic assistance, where your security solution will be delivered and operational within 3 working days.


Click here to see all our service agreements.

If it's a larger security solution you need, there may be some additional delivery time.


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