Effective Access Control for Businesses

- control and structuring of access to industry and commerce

Effective Aaccess Control for All Types of Areas

KIBO offers effective access control, which can be used to control or structure access to an area or a building.

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Med Vanderbilt ACT 365 nummerpladegenkendelse, kan du hurtigt og enkelt skabe adgang til dit område for udvalgte køretøjer i bestemte tidsrum.

ACT 365 nummerpladegenkendelse


Access control manages WHO may be WHERE and WHEN

Access control, or ADK as it is also called, is user-friendly systems where you as a user use a card, tag, or biometric recognition instead of a key to gain access. The access control readers are placed where access is to be granted.

Where Is Access Control Placed?

It can, for example, be on doors, sliding gates or elevators. When the user identifies themselves to the individual reader, the reader sends the unique ID to the access control system, which then grants access to the authorized user. Outside the defined times, you cannot gain access. Additionally, the system can identify who has been where and when, which can be of great help when investigating irregularities.

We offer Many Types of Access Control

With access control from KIBO, there are several options, such as:

All systems are scalable and can be customized to each customer's needs. The systems can also be expanded with Brobizz readers, allowing a Brobizz unit already installed in the car to provide access to the company's area.

If a user loses their access card, you can immediately block it in the access control system. In addition to this significant security advantage, our access control systems are also highly efficient because they can be tailored to each individual customer. If you wish to combine access cards with payment through so-called RBS systems, this is also possible.



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