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The Inspection Agreement Covers the Entire Municipality

In Slagelse Municipality, the inspection agreement includes all the municipality's day care centers, kindergartens, after-school clubs, clubs, residential facilities, and a handful of schools. Slagelse Municipality has been using the inspection agreement since 2019 and is extremely satisfied with the agreement:

”With the inspection agreement, we are guaranteed that KIBO goes through all fences, gates, and doors once a year. We are pleasantly surprised by how much this has reduced maintenance costs”

– Slagelse Municipality's Maintenance Department



When asked why Slagelse Municipality chose KIBO Sikring for the inspection of their fences, gates, and doors, the answer comes promptly:

Because KIBO could offer what we need”.

In case of urgent tasks, Slagelse Municipality also values that KIBO offers 24/7 service, making them easy to contact at any time. If a gate or fence gate breaks, it is quickly functional again.

Annual Inspection Ensures that All Institutions Comply with the Safety Authority's DS/EN 1176

The DS/EN 1176 standard prescribes operational and visual inspections with an annual main inspection performed by a qualified person in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. In addition, operational inspections and routine visual inspections every three months are recommended.

Regular inspection and maintenance of fences, gates, and doors are essential for safety. It is therefore essential that supervision and rectification of faults and defects are carried out continuously.

KIBO Creates a Secure Framework for Life and Values

With an inspection agreement, you are guaranteed that fences, gates, and doors are visually inspected for faults and defects and that the Safety Authority's DS/EN 1176 is complied with.

You can read more about our inspection agreements specifically aimed at institutions and schools here. If you have any questions about our inspection agreements, please feel free to call us at 70 10 70 77 or write to kibo­

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