"It's really quite a useful tool to have"

- KIBO Connector Monitors the Operational Status of the Gate in Real-Time at the Port of Køge

The Port of Køge is an active port that experiences a high volume of traffic both at sea and on land. However, the significant activity at the port also leads to sailors often activating one of the port's swing gates using the emergency stop function, compromising safety at the port. Therefore, we have installed a KIBO Connector on the gate, making it easy for port personnel to monitor the current status of the gate, allowing them to react immediately in case of inappropriate use.

We cannot physically prevent sailors from using the emergency stop function, as it is essential that the button is accessible and functional in case of emergencies. However, with the help of the KIBO Connector, the staff at the Port of Køge can now respond immediately when the emergency stop is used to open the gate. This allows the gate to be quickly returned to its normal operating mode.

In addition to the KIBO Connector, the port also has video surveillance of the area, enabling the identification of individuals who use the emergency stop button to open the gate.

KIBO Connector communicates effectively with our surveillance cameras. On the camera, I can see when it happened and who is present, and in the app, I can see what has occurred“, Mads Granzow, Operations Manager at the Port of Køge

When the emergency stop on the gate is activated, Mads receives a notification via the KIBO Connector app on his mobile phone, allowing him to respond quickly to the incident.

KIBO Connector Makes It Easy to Monitor the Operational Status of All Your Devices in Real-Time Directly from Your Computer or Through the Mobile App

This means that you can respond immediately if there are issues with photocells, power supply, emergency stops, opening inputs, or other critical components.

The system is compatible with both new and older installations. All you need to do is install a small KIBO Connector module in the control box of the device. Afterward, you can instantly monitor the operational status, view GPS coordinates for each device, and manage access.

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KIBO Connector is not only helpful in cases of improper use of emergency stops but also aids the port staff in monitoring hidden damages caused by collisions with the gate.

When a gate is hit, it's not always easy to see if there is damage with the naked eye, but if, for example, a safety strip is affected, we can see it in the app”, Mads Granzow, Operations Manager, Port of Køge

The Port of Køge has had KIBO Connector installed on one of their swing gates since November 2022, and Mads Granzow is enthusiastic about the solution: ”It functions a bit like insurance – you hope you don't need it, but it's good to have”.

Køge Port already has plans to install KIBO Connector on several more of the port's gates - “It's indeed a pretty good tool to have”.

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