Mobile Fence MOH 10

- for temporary demarcation of your area

Easy, Quick, and Simple Setup/Removal

The Mobile Fence MOH 10 from KIBO is a mobile fence that can be easily set up and taken down.


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Mobilhegn ved byggeplads

Moveable Fence Supported by Concrete Feet

The Mobile Fence MOH 10 from KIBO is a mobile fence mounted on concrete feet that can be easily moved and set up wherever there is a need to temporarily enclose an area.

These high-quality mobile fences are ideal for protecting assets and restricting access at places like construction sites or exhibitions where the enclosure needs to be quickly changed.

Mobile fence is also known as temporary fence, construction site fence, and mobile fence.


Lease Mobile Fences for Events and Gatherings

For events such as soccer tournaments, concerts, or festivals, these fences are highly effective for delineating areas and supporting crowd control.

For short-term projects or events, renting a mobile fence is often sufficient, and our installers can handle the setup.

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