Chain Barrier KHF 10

- chain barrier for extra effective demarcation and separation

Solid Chain Barrier Is Used for Both Demarcation and Delineation of Areas

This special type of pullert with kædehegn is ideal for delineating cars at a car exhibition or parking lot, where parking spaces need to be marked.

The kædehegn can also be used to designate a pedestrian street or avenue.


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Pullert med kæde

Robust Bollard with Heavy-Duty Steel Chain

The chain barrier is available in a demountable version, where the bollard is lowered into an embedded, hot-dip galvanized steel pipe. The bollard has a height of 700 mm, a diameter of 101 mm, and is cast in concrete at a frost-free depth.

The continuous steel chain is Ø12 mm. The chain makes it very difficult for unauthorized individuals to dismantle the chain barrier.


Secured against Lifting

The chain barrier KHF 10 is a flexible and functional solution that effectively delineates and secures an area against unwanted traffic in a simple and presentable manner.

The chain barrier is secured against lifting and can be supplied with an openable section where the attachment of the chain to the bollard can be locked with a padlock, protected by a protective plate.


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