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“We prioritize security and prefer not to have unregistered guests, so this has definitely eased the staff’s workflow," says Benny Bredgaard, Technical Gaming Director at Casino Munkebjerg.

In 2023, Casino Munkebjerg installed Speedgates to secure their entrance area.

Running a casino comes with numerous security requirements. Casino Munkebjerg needed a new entry system to meet these demands. All guests must be registered with ID, and the casino must ensure complete control over who enters. Additionally, no guests under 18 are allowed. Casino Munkebjerg contacted KIBO to propose a project.

That project convinced the technical director, Benny Bredgaard:

"A project was developed for us, which we approved, and the approved project is what they have realized. We are very satisfied."


Easier for Staff to Keep Track of Guests

The Speedgates can be opened with a QR code generated by Casino Munkebjerg's ticketing system. The QR code is used in the scanner on the Speedgate, which detects the user entering, registers it in the system, and opens the door.

“We prioritize security and prefer not to have unregistered guests, so this has definitely eased the staff’s workflow. They no longer have to call out to guests to check if they have a ticket or if they are registered,” says Benny Bredgaard.

Inspektion af hegnslinje

“When KIBO first presented the project, we were completely convinced that KIBO was the right choice to proceed with.”

- Benny Bredgaard, Technical Gaming Director, Casino Munkebjerg


Simple Control Panel

The Speedgate doors can also be opened manually using a panel located at the reception.

“It is a very simple panel that is very easy for the receptionists to operate. It has worked really well!” concludes Benny Bredgaard.

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