SmartLane Speedgate

- high performance and great robustness

Stylish and Market-Leading Speedgate

SmartLane features a highly robust structure with 12 mm thick tempered glass doors and a height of up to 2000 mm. It can be configured to provide passage widths of 600 mm or 900 mm for disabled or service access.

SmartLane offers a very high detection level thanks to its integrated DIRAS® technology.

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d'Tower speedgate til begrænset plads

Features of SmartLane

  • Robust and stable solution with brushed steel frame
  • Ergonomic user experience
  • Modular and configurable
  • 200 mm clearance prevents feet from getting trapped
  • Different alarm sounds based on the type of violation
  • LED orientation and function pictograms
  • Fast opening/closing time
d'Flow Speedgate i indgangsparti


Case: Casino Munkebjerg has installed Speedgates at the entrance

There are many security requirements when operating a casino. Therefore, Casino Munkebjerg needed a new entrance system installed. There are requirements that all guests must register with ID, and it is crucial to control who enters. No guests under the age of 18 are allowed to enter. Casino Munkebjerg therefore contacted KIBO to submit a project proposal.

Click here to read our case and watch the video where Technical Gaming Director, Benny Bredgaard, discusses the project.

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