KIBO Terra G8

- cantilever sliding gate

Kibo Terra G8 Is Iwa 14-1 Crash-Tested and Approved to Stop a 7.2-Ton Vehicle at 64 km/h within the Gate's Opening Area

The cantilever sliding gate KIBO Terra G8 is based on KIBO Terra, which is the world's only high-security gate that has passed the PAS 68 crash test in a semi-open position.


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Ideal for Larger Access Points

The slim KIBO Terra G8 can secure an opening of up to 8 meters, making it ideal for high-security of larger access points.

The cantilever sliding gate KIBO Terra G8 is approved by the Perimeter Security Suppliers Association, which ensures the quality of high-security products.

KIBO Terra G8 has a low foundation depth of just 35 cm.


Control System

The gate comes standard with a remote control unit.

The programmable logic controller (PLC) with built-in safety features receives input from access control systems.



  • Performance: IWA 14 Classification Code: V Sliding Gate V/7200[N2A]/64/90:1.8
  • Width: Up to 8000mm
  • Standard Height: 2400mm
  • Variable Height: 3000mm
  • IWA 14 Tested Dimensions: Width: 8000mm, Height 3000mm
  • Construction: Welded steel
  • Finish: Sandblasted, galvanized, primed, and powder-coated
  • Options: UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), EFO (Extra Fast Operation), Disengagement Device, Manual Control, High-Security Cabinet, Alarms
  • Security: Safety Edges, Detection Loops, Photocells, Front LED Lights, Beacons, Audible Alarm
  • Normal Operating Speed: 250mm per second – depending on configuration
  • EFO Operating Speed: 600mm per second – depending on configuration
  • Operating Cycle: 100%


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