d'Gate AW Speedgate

- speedgate with a unique design

d'Gate AW Speedgate Is the Result of Intensive Research into Global Trends and Thorough Engineering Work

This unique speedgate, with its sophisticated look and "angel wings," is comfortable and safe to use for all users.

d'Gate AW speedgate offers many configuration options and can be connected to various types of access control systems, card readers, and scanners.

The speedgate can be equipped with ticket storage as an additional feature.

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d'Gate speedgate englevinger

Watch a short video from when our consultants were at a training session in d'Flow.
The video provides an insight into how d'Flow works.

d'Flow is not just a revolutionary product - d'Flow
represents an entirely new category within speedgates.

d'Gate speedgate specifikationer

Features of d'Gate AW

  • Stainless steel casing with 2mm plates
  • "Angel wings" doors made of 12mm thick tempered glass or polycarbonate
  • Internal side doors with lock and key for easy access to maintenance and settings
  • Dedicated microprocessor allows control of door speeds for optimized passage flow
  • High-performance motor opens the doors in just 0.7 seconds
  • Detection system with 8 photoemission sensors and 2 additional safety sensors
  • Anti-panic system opens the doors if an obstacle is detected in the passage area
  • Anti-cheating system triggers an alarm if individuals attempt to bypass the system
  • Bidirectional passage control
  • Automatic door opening in case of power failure or activation of an emergency alarm
  • Power supply: 90 - 240 VAC
  • 25W power consumption with doors closed at 500mm
  • Front-facing pictogram with two-color LED lights with individual brightness control by color
  • Dedicated microcontroller for motor control
  • Passage regulation with 10 infrared sensors

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