d'Pass Speedgate

- speedgate for airports

D'Pass Speedgate: Ideal for Airports to Increase Security and Mobility for Daily Users

NOTE: The product is under development.

d'Pass speedgate provides high security in restricted access areas. This speedgate features a double-door system, and the exit door will only open when there is a single user inside the passage area.

The sensor system allows for high accuracy in user identification.

The speedgate can be equipped with ticket storage as an additional option.

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Speedgate til lufthavne

Watch a short video from when our consultants were at a training session in d'Flow.
The video provides an insight into how d'Flow works.

d'Flow is not just a revolutionary product - d'Flow
represents an entirely new category within speedgates.

Speedgate til lufthavne

Features of d'Pass

Barcode Boarding Pass: Swift scanning of barcode-equipped boarding passes.

Identification: Innovative 3D imaging system identifies authentication information for multiple users in the passage area, accurately detecting unauthorized individuals.

Unique: The system identifies each user and assigns them unique authentication information, even under extreme conditions like tailgating.

Accessibility: Wide doors allow comfortable and convenient passage for people with mobility challenges and wheelchair users.

LED Color Codes for Groups: Group identification using color codes that follow the groups throughout the system.

Design: Sleek design and adjustable opening width ensure comfortable and convenient passage for all users.


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